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If you're having an emergency please call the crisis hotline. 1-800-273-8255

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    About Us

    Welcome to the MassWarVeterans' VetsDirectory, established 2014 by the Vietnam Veterans of Massachusetts, Inc., also known as the VVMI.

    The Vietnam Veterans of Massachusetts, Inc. is a Not-For-Profit 501 (c) (3), charitable organization founded 1982, with an office in the State House. The VVMI has proudly been a 100% volunteer organization since their inception. "From one, learn about them all", represents the heart of the VVMI. A comradeship amongst the band of brothers who fought for and protected what we hold dear as Americans.

    The VVMI is comprised of Vietnam Veterans who were affected by medical problems associated with exposure to Agent Orange. The VVMI focuses on the well-being of all our veteran population and their families by working within the local communities with referrals and resources. They reallocate all funds received through donations and advertising revenue to support various veteran programs; i.e. rides to the VA Hospital, peer counseling, clothing, shelters, food pantries, soup kitchens and care packages for our active military still overseas.

    The VVMI proudly presents MassWarVeterans' VetsDirectory to our Massachusetts Community for a unique partnership between local businesses and veterans, as a way of offering relief for those that deserve and need a helping hand, through discounts and increasing business in our community. Operating on a simple concept, "thank veterans with a discount and they will thank you by using it", businesses can show support and offer relief to our veterans, military members, their friends and family, while giving our local economy a boost at the same time.

    Giving help to our ever-expanding veteran population is very expensive, the generous support through advertising on the MassWarVeterans' VetsDirectory will pay for the costs of many new programs and of the expenses related to this revolutionary new MassWarVeterans' website, dedicated to our Massachusetts Veterans, active military, their families and the community that supports them all.

    To avoid discrimination of any kind or any veteran ever being turned away from receiving a VetsDirectory Veteran Discount, the VVMI respectfully requires all Veteran Discounts be extended to all that say they saw or heard the discount was advertised on MassWarVeterans' VetsDirectory. This helps get the word out to our less than computer savvy veterans, through word-of-mouth advertising, from friends and family that can't wait to share their knowledge of all the great Veteran Discounts available on VetsDirectory, or through visiting any of MassWarVeterans' websites:

    Veterans Saluting

    VetsOfMass (masswarveterans.org)

    - Resources for Help, Education, and Employment, Donations, and More!

    VetsDirectory (masswarveterans.com)

    - Veteran Discounts Advertised, Coupons, and More!

    VetSpace (masswarveterans.net)

    - Join, Show Support, Connect With Local Veterans, Form Friendships and More!

    Thank you for your support in helping Massachusetts' Veterans and Businesses partner together for a stronger future for all our military and civilian residents of the Commonwealth!